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[News] Korea's first private academic journal platform 'QJOL' launched
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Adopted open access and introduced indexing consulting service of SCI(E) and SCOPUS




QJOL, a platform service for academic journals aimed at the open access publishing model, has been launched. QJOL is the first journal platform in Korea created exclusively by the private sector, offering standard services for global academic publishing, including a state-of-the-art online journal publishing system. In the future, it aims to be a global academic journal platform that will represent Korea.

The newly launched QJOL platform service is characterized by three: open access, global, and online service.

First, QJOL is pursuing an open access policy. By embracing the latest trend in the domestic and international academic community, the open access publishing model, QJOL aims to enhance the platform's openness significantly. This means that anyone will have free access to academic articles published on the QJOL platform.

In addition, QJOL has built the journal publishing system on the platform to meet global standards. Specifically, the platform has designated English as the default language, enabling participating journals to seamlessly enter the global academic market. Additionally, indexing consulting services have been introduced to facilitate inclusion in renowned journals like SCI(E) and SCOPUS.

In response to the industry-wide trend of digital transformation, QJOL has consolidated journal publishing services digitally and online on its platform. To this end, QJOL offers participating journals comprehensive online services, encompassing everything from creating journal homepages and providing journal publishing services to managing journal submission reviews and archiving articles. Moreover, it supports international standard e-journal formats, including DOI, PDF, XML, and PubReader.

"QJOL is a journal platform launched in Korea, but it supports international standard e-journal formats such as DOI, PDF, XML, and PubReader, so it is worthy of being a global platform. In particular, the web-based peer review management system is a very groundbreaking service for journal editors." said Prof. Samheon Park of Konkuk University.

Suzy Park, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Body, Nature, and Culture, said, "At first, it felt familiar because it was a journal platform built by HARISCO. After using it, I thought that it was very convenient because it is well equipped with international standard e-journal functions such as DOI, PDF, XML, and PubReader."

The platform is led by HARISCO, a company specializing in proofreading and translation of academic articles, and IKNC, a brand specializing in international academic conferences. And it plans to expand its services to the global market by utilizing HARISCO's expertise in the field of academic articles and IKNC's global academic network. In particular, QJOL plans to discover good academic journals in regions such as Africa, the Arab world, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, where journal platform services are poor, and to aggressively invite them to the QJOL platform.

"I think QJOL will play an important role in the development of scientific research papers and the free journal management platform service that QJOL provides is a thoughtful contribution to the development of science,” said Prof. Mirgissa Kaba of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

And he added "In particular, academic journals published in underdeveloped countries will benefit greatly from QJOL's free journal management system."

"In an era where knowledge competitiveness determines a country's competitiveness, it was a shame that there was few globally recognized academic journal platform," said Moojin Kim, CEO of Global Harisco (IKNC Chairman), who is leading the QJOL platform project. "We hope that QJOL will grow into a global academic platform that will represent Korea."

Publisher: EDUDONGA     JUNE 12. 2023

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