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Harrisco enters into partnership with ReviewerCredits, a platform for rewarding peer reviewers
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In December 8…agreed to cooperate in global academic paper peer review



Harrisco, a professional academic editing and translation service provider entered into a cooperation agreement with RevewerCredits in Italy, a platform to certify, measure and reward the activity of scientists as peer reviewers.

With this partnership, Harrisco can use the services of ReviewerCredits for SCI paper submission, and ReviewerCredits will apply Harrisco’s academic editing and translation service on its own platform.

This partnership is expected to generate significant synergy as Harrisco holds core competencies in academic editing and translation and ReviewerCredits has strength in rewarding performance of peer reviewers.

In particular, domestic researchers who have difficulties in submitting papers to SCI journals can get easy access to the services of ReviewerCredits through this partnership.

ReviewerCredits operates a platform for peer reviewer reward services in which researches can freely participate with regard to 23,000 journals worldwide. Researchers who participate in the platform as peer reviewers are rewarded with credits according to their review performances, and journals can secure a rich pool of peer reviewers among researchers worldwide.

ReviewerCredits CEO Valeria Mazzon (left), Harrisco CEO Kim Moo Jin

Valeria Mazzon, CEO of ReviewerCredits said ; “We are excited by the collaboration with Harrisco to further recognize, encourage and reward the contribution of reviewers. Harrisco has proved an extremely competent partner, well aware of the importance for reviewers to deliver high quality review in the peer review process. It is a great opportunity for ReviewerCredits users’ to have a privileged access to Harrisco services through our store”

Global Harrisco CEO Kim Moo Jin said ; “We’re so glad to have a great partnership with ReviewerCredits. Through cooperation with ReviewerCredits, we will do our best to be of great help to researchers by exerting mutual synergy in the era of the Fourth Revolution through Harrisco's core competencies."

ReviewerCredits is a spinoff company endorsed by the University of Milan-Bicocca.


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