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Harrisco builds a partnership with Researcher, a global academic research information platform
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Signed MOU on December 1…synergy between research paper editing service and research information platform service is expected



Korea’s leading academic editing and translation service brand, Harrisco signed MOU with Researcher, a global academic research information platform of the U.K. on December 1.

The partnership will allow Korean and Asian scientists and researchers easy access to global research information of Researcher and Harrisco’s SCI-journal English editing and translation services. With this collaboration, Harrisco envisions developing a “Total Researcher Platform” that provides one-stop assistance to scientists and researchers.

Researcher that is gaining increasing popularity as a platform of global academic research information offers a discovery platform enabling professors and researchers to keep up-to-date with latest research information. Founded in 2017, Researcher has 1.8 million members who are scientists and researchers worldwide, and operates a system allowing members an access to latest articles published on over 17,000 overseas journals.

As one-third of members are from Asian region, synergy will be greater as Harrisco has grown itself as an Asia’s top professional service brand in academic editing and translation.



Researcher CEO Olly Cooper (left) and Harrisco CEO Kim Moo Jin

Researcher CEO Olly Cooper said : “We’re delighted to partner with Harrisco, whose services are a key part of the journey for so much high quality research. High quality editing and proofreading services can make all the difference in getting research work disseminated as broadly as possible across the scientific community.”

Global Harrisco CEO Kim Moo Jin said : “We’re so glad to have a great partnership with Researcher. Through cooperation with Researcher, we will do our best to be of great help to researchers by exerting mutual synergy in the era of the Fourth Revolution through Harisco's core competencies."

Scientists and researchers in Korea and Asia can have easier access to global research information through this partnership agreement between global Harrisco ( and Researcher (


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