Our Systematic Process for Translation Services

Process of Translation Work

Operation of Systematic Correction, Proofreading, and Translation Process for the Best Outcome

To provide you with the best outcome, Harrisco’s translation service avoids routine processes of request-translation-submission. Harrisco begins a strict management of the translation process upon receiving a request, by utilizing our unique system for production of the best output.

Provision of Competitive English Contents which Fulfill Client’s Expectations

Provision of Competitive English Contents which Fulfill Client’s Expectations

Service Content
Analysis of Client’s Needs Translation of documents and papers, including MOU, contracts, terms and conditions, and business agreements, as well as other documents which are essential for overseas businesses
Analysis of Client’s Needs Deadlines are an essential factor on the smooth operation of many industries. Harrisco continuously aims to satisfy clients promptly and efficiently. We have secured a high repurchase rate by our clients, with a long-accumulated trust which is built on the provision of a consistent service.
Optimal Arrangement of Manpower Harrisco has separate teams for service quality management/control, communication with client companies, and operation of translation/proofreading process, as well as more than 100 professional translators and editors from seven countries, including U.S.A., Canada, Ireland, U.K., Australia, and India, Korea, Japan, China, etc. The system of Harrisco’s high-quality translation and proofreading service for companies is supported by foreign translation/interpretation research institutes such as RICGC Institute of the U.K., and Cornwall Communication Institute of the U.S.A.
Quality System Prior to Final Delivery Before sending the final output to clients by e-mail or post, Harrisco thoroughly proofreads translations to identify and correct wrong words, inaccurate contexts, omissions, and misspelling/omitted letters etc.. Plus, we do our best for follow-up management through our quality assurance system, by offering customer satisfaction and after-sales service.

Tasks for Each Step of Translation/Correction

Step Content
Allocation Deciding the length, deadline, etc. of translation through consultation with the client
Leveling Determining the grade of original text by evaluating its level of difficulty and applying an appropriate rate
Action Processing Performing the translation work by a team of professional translators in the relevant field
Inspection & Suppy Strictly proofreading the translation before delivery, against incorrect use of terms, wrong contexts, omissions, and misspelling/omitted letters etc.
After Service Completed translation/corrected version is sent to the client(Ed note: the client may be a company or an individual- It is an inclusive term) by e-mail or post, and customer satisfaction and after-sales services are offered based on our quality assurance policy.
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