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It has been 22 years since Harrisco started a business of academic translation and editing services, and throughout this time, we have dedicated ourselves to the production of high quality English drafts of academic theses, dissertations, and papers, for professors and researchers of major universities in Asia.

Harrisco assists researcherswho put their valuable research first, yet wish to communicate their findings with the global community.

Thanks to the fervent support and enthusiastic encouragement from many researchers, Harrisco has achieved great feats, such as the conclusion of agreements with 78 major universities and about 200 academic institutions in Asia. In the past 22 years, Harrisco has produced an average of 40,000 papers per annum throughout its seventeen year history totaling a whopping 700,000 contracts, Placing Harrisco as the No 1 service provider in this industry.

We believe that our remarkable achievements in translations services for academic publishing can be attributed to the trust and encouragement of many researchers, who give their full support and commitment to our company for the successful distribution of their research.

Through tour continued success, we have accumulated ample experiences and know-how in the academic editing services industry, and have build a global network of proofreaders, reinforcing our core competitiveness within the proofreading and editing industry. The global network consists of 250 proofreaders and editors in 7 nations worldwide, whose professionalism is founded in various fields, such as the humanities, natural science, engineering, and medicine.
We at Harrisco believe that the key to success within the academic proofreading and editing industry is the same as that within academia itself, and our success is testament to our honesty and commitment.

At Harrisco, there is no discrimination between the quality of our services as we provide premium services to all. All documents are handled with care. ‘Premium services to all’, that’s the spirit of Harrisco.

We will keep this spirit in mind in order to meet your expectations and reward your encouragement.

Thank you

Harrisco CEO Kim Moo-jin
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