Terms and Conditions for Use

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions aim to specify basic rules regarding conditions and procedures of use of the Internet service (hereafter referred to as “Service”) provided by Harrisco (hereafter referred to as “the Company”(Ed note: why not ‘Harrisco’?)

Article 2 (Effect and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

① These terms and conditions shall be effective as they are notified to customers with the means of service screen or other mediums.

② Company may revise these terms and conditions and the revised terms and conditions shall be effective upon notification using the same methods as defined in Clause 1.

Article 3 (Definition of Terms)

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below.

① Member : Member means an individual or group with which the Company concludes a service use agreement or to which a user ID is given.

② Applicant : Applicant refers to an individual or group, who makes a request to become a Member.

③ ID : ID means a combination of letters and numbers selected by a Member and approved by the Company for identification of the Member and his/her use of the Service.

④ Password : Password refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by a Member to identify himself/herself under the selected ID, and to protect his/her classified information.

⑤ Cancellation : Cancellation refers to a case in which Company or a Member cancels the service use agreement.

Article 4 (Conclusion of Use Agreement)

①By clicking the consent button at the bottom of the terms and conditions for use, you agree to these terms and conditions.

②A use agreement shall be concluded if consent is given to the terms and conditions by persons who wishes to use the Service, and the Company grants approval to the application for Service use.

Article 5 (Application for Use)

① In order for an Applicant to use this Service, they must complete and submit a membership form required by the Company.

② All user information written on the membership form is considered real data. Users, who did not register a real name or real information, are not entitled to legal protection and may face restrictions on use of Service.

Article 6 (Approval for Application for Use)

① The Company provides approval to all Applicants for Service use, except as provided in Clause 2 and Clause 3.

② If an application is reserved for approval for any of the following reasons, the Company may reserve approval until such reason is removed.

a. In the case that there are not sufficient service-related facilities

b. In the case that there are technical obstacles

c. In the case that the need for other companies is acknowledged

③ The Company may reject approval in the case that an Applicant falls into one of the following cases.

a. In the case that an Applicant makes an application using the name of other individual (the company)

b. In the case that user information supplied by the applicant is false

c. In case that an application is made with the purpose of harming social order and custom

d. In case that an Applicant fails to satisfy the Company’s other criteria for application for use

Article 7 (Amendment of User Information)

In the case that there are changes in information entered upon becoming a Member, a Member shall amend this information online, and shall be liable for problems caused by his/her failure to amend the information.

Article 8 (The Company’s Obligations)

① The Company shall provide each Service stipulated in the following clauses to Members.

a. To send news letters on information about new Service and domains

b. To automatically input personal information in case of registration of additional domains

c. To provide various additional services for registration and management of domains

② The Company shall not leak, disclose or distribute personal information of a Member taken during provision of Service to other parties without consent of that Member, and shall only use their data for Service-related purposes, and not for commercial purposes, except as stipulated in the following clauses.

a. In the case that it is demanded by a government-run organization based on International law, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications

b. In the case that information is required for an investigation of a crime, or where there is a request from the International Internet Safety Commission

c. In the case that a request is made due to procedures prearranged based on other related laws

③ The Company shall provide Service in a continuous and stable manner in compliance with these terms and conditions.

Article 9 (Obligations of Member)

① Members shall not engage in any activity which falls into one of the following clauses while using Service.

a. A wrongful use of other Member’s ID

b. An unauthorized copy, amendment, publishing, broadcasting, or provision to others of information achieved while using Service for purposes, other than use of Service, without prior consent of the Company

c. A violation of other rights, such as copyrights of the Company or of other parties

d. A distribution of information, sentence(s), or figure(s), which may harm public order or social custom

e. An activity, which is objectively determined to be linked to a crime

f. A violation of other related laws

② Members shall comply with related laws, rules and regulations set forth in these terms and conditions, and guidelines related to Service use.

③ Members shall comply with additional regulations posted in the service-related announcement section or additionally-announced information regarding restricted use.

Article 10 (Obligations of Member Regarding Management of Member ID and Password)

① Members shall manage their own IDs and Passwords. Members shall be liable for all consequences caused by neglectful management or wrongful use of ID and Password given to the Member.

② In case a Member uses his/her ID in a wrongful way or violates other security regulations, the Members shall notify the Company of his/her wrongful act.

Article 11 (Restrictions on and Suspension of Service)

① The Company may restrict or suspend all or part of Service if a war, accident, or natural disaster, or a national emergency of similar scope takes place or is expected to take place, or if there is an event of force majeure, such as suspension of telecommunication services by a mobile network operator.

② The Company shall immediately notify Members of the reason for a period of suspension of Service restriction or suspension according to Clause 1.

Article 12 (Amendment of Information)

In the case where a Member wishes to amend customer information, such as address or Password, the Member may use the Company’s website for the amendment.

Article 13 (Cancellation of Agreement)

A Member may cancel the service use agreement by utilizing Cancellation services, making a phone call, or using a website to make a request to the Company for Cancellation. The Company restricts Service use of the requesting Member from the day on which the request for Cancellation is submitted. In case the Company wishes to cancel the use agreement, as a Member is involved in one of cases defined in the following Clauses, the Company shall notify the Member seven (7) days prior to Cancellation to give the Member a chance to explain.

① In the case that a Member violates regulations related to restrictions on use or fails to remove the cause of restrictions on use of Service within a prearranged period of restricted use.

② In the case that the International Internet Safety Commission demands Cancellation of use

③ In the case that a Member does not unreasonably express his/her opinion

④ In the case that an application is made using the name of another person, or in the case that the use agreement is concluded using an application with false information or with falsified documents

The Company may restrict membership for a prearranged period of time, where Service use has been cancelled due to one of the reasons as defined above.

Article 14 Immunity Clause

① The Company shall not be liable to Members for their failure to gain expected profits, or for their losses incurred by their choice and use of Service materials.

② The Company shall be exempt from liabilities for Service malfunctions caused by a Member or a third party, or for damaged data of a Member

③ The Company shall not be liable for contents of materials posted or transmitted by a Member.

④ Members, who purchase a domain with trademark rights, shall be liable for corresponding losses or compensations, and the Company shall not be liable for any of the losses or compensations.

Article 15 (Court of Competent Jurisdiction)

If a dispute arises between the Company and Member(s) regarding Service, a court having jurisdiction over the Company’s headquarters shall be the court of competent jurisdiction.

[Supplementary Provision]

(Effective Date) These terms and conditions are effective as of May, 2007.

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