Our Translation Services Quality Policy At Harrisco

Spirit of Premium Services to All

At Harrisco, there is no discrimination between services. We provide only premium services to all of our clients. Not a single paper or a single thesis that our clients have commissioned is handled without care. Premium services to all, that’s the spirit of Harrisco.

Harrisco does its best to provide premium services, so as to ensure that the satisfaction of our clients.

Premium services to all, that’s the spirit of Harrisco. Harrisco has established quality control solutions and a work process management system based on advanced technologies earned from our 17 years of experiences in the academic editing services industry. Our ultimate goal is ensuring premium quality. In addition, we provide a quality control to ensure that our clients issues are resolved to their satisfaction.

Spirit of Premium Services to All

Rapid Response Manual for Problem Solving

Harrisco has established and is using various manuals to rapidly respond to a variety of problems. Our rapid response manuals will contribute to the enhancement of service quality, by helping our employees to resolve our clients’ needs in a rapid and sincere way.

1) Compliance with Deadlines for Translation (Proofreading) :

At Harrisco, all translation and proofreading contracts are tracked through the company’s website, enabling the manager in charge to check progress in real time, and to make sure that the work is completed within the prearranged time frame. For each of the major fields, there are multiple translators and proofreaders in place so as to ensure that we maintain a consistently high degree of customer satisfaction. If, however, a deadline is missed, which can occur due to the global and personal nature of our service, that contract is placed as a top priority within the company.

2) Not Satisfied with Quality of Translation or Proofreading Work:

Harrisco provides high-quality translation and proofreading services with three phases: first, translation; second, proofreading; and third, editing. Naturally, we receive texts of highly varying quality ourselves, and this has a direct bearing on the number and nature of editions within a given text. In the case of a complaint regarding the quality of our work, we thoroughly investigate and record the complaint, with the most common resolution being found in a complementary second translation/proof-reading.

Identify reason for complaint > Reassign a proofreader > Re-process the document

3) Better Proofreader Assignment System:

If a client is satisfied with the work done by a proofreader (or translator), that proofreader may be permanently assigned to that client.

4) Assistant and Manager in Charge System:

Harrisco regards clients’ individual documents as independent projects, and assigns each one a manager. Such a system enables the efficient and smooth management of each project, and ensures our commitment to your deadline..

Assistant and Manager in Charge System

5) Reporting on a Regular Basis:

Harrisco conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis and provides quarterly reporting, based on the survey data (for customers under agreement)

6) Thorough Training of Customer Service Employees:

Harrisco thoroughly trains employees in customer service skills, so that they can handle complaints or questions from our clients in a smooth and efficient manner.

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