About Translation Services

General Translation Service

Harrisco’s general translation service offers a draft English translation for the abstract of your research paper, or for the entire research paper to be submitted to oversea journal. Proofreading by a native speaker is not included in the general translation service. We would recommend Harrisco’s translation + correction service package if you want proofreading by a native speaker after translation.

Three Major Advantages of Harrisco’s Translation Service

For the provision of a high-quality translation service, Harrisco maintains three special systems, including a specialized translation process which has been established based on our own technology and know-how, a system that automatically processes technical terms, and a database of technical terms in different fields. All translation services by Harrisco are provided based on these three systems.

Three Major Systems of Harrisco’s Translation Work

Specialized Translation Process We have a separate quality control team for a professional and stable system of translation, striving for continuous improvement and the development of a better system.
Efficient Database of Technical Terms in Different Fields We have provided translation and correction services for more than 40,000 research papers and documents annually, and have established a database of more than 300,000 technical terms for fields such as medicine, science, law, industry, technology, humanities, social science, and IT.
Automatic Processing System for Technical Terms Technical terms in different fields can be quickly and correctly translated through the translation DB management system developed by Harrisco, which enables a high-quality translation based on the selective conversion of technical words.

Premium Translation Service

For Publications in Foreign Academic Journals

Harrisco’s premium translation service is designed in consideration of articles for publication in foreign academic journals. By closely communicating with the writer of an article, our translators produce a polished and sophisticated English version of your article with correct medical and scientific terms in English.

The Difference between Other Translation Services and Harrisco’s Service

Other Translation Services

Other translation services convert documents into English on a sentence by sentence basis. This kind of translation cannot accurately convey the writer’s intention due to the difference in logical structure of the language and that of English.

Harrisco’s Translation Service

The most ideal way to write a dissertation in English is to write in the framework of the native-speaking people’s thinking and logical structure. Harrisco’s translation service aims to approach and understand the elements of an academic dissertation through the thorough revision of the translated document by English-speaking professionals, expressing the researcher’s intended meaning.

Harrisco’s Premium Translation Service

Harrisco’s premium translation service aims at a correct the expression of a researcher’s intention from the perspective of native English speakers, based on a close communication between the researcher and the translator. Native speaker’s proofreading is included in the service.

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