Harrisco offers peer review services to academics


Harrisco, a leading academic editing company in Seoul, now offers peer review services to academics. Peer review is the process of evaluating the scientific content of the document. This is a pre-press service that is offered before submitting the manuscript to an international journal.

The content is reviewed by independent researchers through a double-blind peer review process. The content is evaluated for quality, originality, and significance. Based on the reviews, the editors would make an informed decision on whether to publish the article or not in the journal.

Now, let’s understand why peer review process is essential at a pre-press level. Just like English language errors, a translated manuscript also has errors related to content. The researchers from native English speaking countries have a successful track record of international journal publications. They are subject matter experts in their particular field of study.

These subject matter experts will review whether the content meets the rigorous standards of an international SCI (Science Citation Index) journal. Do you know why Harrisco offers double-blind peer review of manuscripts? The names of the authors are not known to the reviewers. At the same time, the names of the reviewers are not known to the authors. As the identities of both the parties are concealed, there is no question of bias based on nationality and gender.

The significance of the peer review process cannot be mitigated or ignored. It is used to validate the authenticity of the content. Peer reviewers are volunteers who get an honorarium to review the manuscript. They are experts both in terms of subject matter and international publications. As they have attended numerous academic conferences, they understand the crux of scientific publishing.

Harrisco services of peer review have now been integrated under the product Quorum. We have a different website for peer review submission. Please peruse through the website www.iquorum.net to understand more about pricing and process. For the double blind review, authors can select upto three reviewers in their field of study. The peer review process makes the content more robust and easy to read.

The errors pointed out may not just be restricted to experiments, they may also be presented in statistical analyses of results. Peer review is thus a very useful process in the development of a manuscript meant for submission to an SCI journal. Come, join hands in improving the quality of the manuscript. Harrisco only employs PhD level peer reviewers for the manuscript.


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